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Advantages of JSK Folding Bike and Solution system

Advantages of JSK Caster Seat Post:

1. Fast:
Only 2 seconds operation to let your folding bike become a STAND-BY-ME folded bike.

2. Easy: Moving a folded bike as smooth as moving a boarding case.

3. Steady: Caster at the end of seat post helps stand steady when folded.

4. Healthy: Enjoying your non-stop easy biking trip, keeping a 10kgs or heavier folded bike moving on the ground instead of lifting in hands or on the shoulder all the time.

5. Flexible: 2 sections seat post with safe and biggest extension range to suit all your family members.

6. Economic: Saving more money from folded bike storage in the locker areas or parking areas.

7. No more bike stealing: Let the folded bike always STAND BY YOU in stead of parking outside to avoid folding bike stealing.

Contact Detail
CEO:Mr. Lin
Contact:Mr. Nick Hsieh
Address:3F,No.351,Fengdong Rd., Fengyuan Dist.,Taichung,Taiwan.

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